Horton Bay Tapas Nights

Tapas nights at the Horton Bay General Store back patio is truly a memorable experience. Built in 1876, it is a beloved landmark in this region.  In addition to the B&B upstairs, a tavern in the back of the store with its garden patio has become a coveted treasure of the area. Lunch is served 7 days a week, or come in to enjoy a real malted at the soda fountain.

But what has become an amazing tradition is the Tapas nights that are served on Friday, Saturday and Sunday evenings. You must make reservations due to the limited seating on the patio, which is approximately eight tables. The unique thing about these lovely evenings, is that they do not “turn the tables” — it is yours for the entire evening! Start with a glass of your favorite wine, then enjoy small plates that are chosen from a list of available dishes and savor each tantalizing specialty.

This is an intimate dinner experience not to be missed in northern Michigan. For more information and to get tickets, go to their Facebook page here.